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一對一英文家教, 我跟 EET Teri 老師的學習心得 (Ryan 桃園上班族)

一對一英文家教課的上課學習心得, EET

作者:Ryan (上班族, 桃園)

EET Teri 老師英文家教課 上課心得

Hello, my name is Ryan. I’m a student in EET and I’ve been learning English with teacher Teri for more than two years now. Time flies! I didn’t expect that I can keep learning English for such a long time. I had some unforgettable experiences in other cram schools before. Learning English wasn’t fun for me at that point in time. I had to convince myself that I made progress every time the class was finished and force myself to attend the next class. That was torture! I spent lots of money but I only went to the class less than twenty times a year. When the contract expired, I gave up learning English until I came back from a holiday in Germany.

        I found that I was keen to talk to people from different countries and I wanted to have a good time talking with them when I was on my trip in Germany. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make my desire come true. I was deeply frustrated that I had learnt English for a long time, but I couldn’t even talk to people. Hence I made up my mind that when I come back from that trip, I want to be available to learn how to talk to people in English fluently.

        I searched for a lot of information on the Internet. There were lots of options I could choose from, but I was afraid I would mess it up again. I decided to give EET a try because they offer one-on-one lessons. That is an attractive feature which differs from other cram schools. I guessed EET might be the one I need so I took a chance.

        Then I met teacher Teri. She is a very considerate person. Every time I ask her for help with correcting my essays, she’s always patient reading my poor essays. We start with reading through the essays and sometimes I can find out mistakes by myself. Plus, Teri will put herself into the circumstances trying to fix my essays using my point of view. In this way, I can feel she treats me with respect. I really like this method which I didn’t get while I was in school and cram schools. Teri is a reliable teacher. She gives me extra information about the topic we are talking about which is very useful and essential. She never forces me to finish the lesson we are having before the class dismisses. If there are any words, phrases or slangs I don’t understand, she will ask me to look up my dictionary first. Then if I still can’t get it, she will explain the meaning to me or make sentences to help me understand. I think that’s Teri’s principle and it’s good for me because I won’t have to take questions home and it helps me cultivate a positive habit --do not ask for help right away when you come across problems. Now I’m used to solving problems by myself by looking up the dictionary and I learn a lot from the dictionary.

        Casual talk and Break the Ice (A card game with open-ended questions) are the teaching approaches that I like most. These two ways not only create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere but also gives me more chances to practice speaking. During class, it would take me some time to answer Teri’s questions and I couldn’t answer well very often. However, I don’t feel disappointed. I would think about the questions and my answers again on my way home. And a better answer would come up in my mind from time to time. These methods are good ways to stimulate thinking in a very short time and that’s exactly what I need.

        I’m not a fast learner and I lose patience occasionally. I can speak fluently right after practicing but I could remember nothing the next hour. It’s very annoying and it drives me crazy easily. During these hard times I read a variety of books, most of them are self-help books. There is an important concept I learned from these books: all good things take time to happen.

        I am not a very fluent English speaker yet, but when I look back, I could say I’ve come quite a distance in the way of learning. So the only thing I need to do is trust myself. I’m glad that I found EET and I have an awesome teacher to accompany me. Thank you so much!

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EET 英文家教課的學習心得 |Ruby (護理, 桃園)

一對一英文家教課的上課學習心得, EET

成人英文家教 學習心得分享

作者:Ruby (護理, 桃園)


EET 黃老師英文家教課心得


最後認真思索後,想著如果現在不做,在家也只是追劇,幾年後再回頭看,一樣站在原地,英文一樣不會。所以最後才選擇一對一家教,然而會選擇 EET「黃老師」也是因為想著既然都決定做了,這種像黃老師一樣嚴厲的,求好心切的老師,或許這種學習方式才適合我,畢竟人家說「壓力是前進的動力」。

然後花錢在自己身上是投資,而不是浪費,就這樣洗腦自己後就毅然決然上課了。 剛上幾堂課,我真的只能說「想哭但哭不出來」,壓力大到上課當天飯都吃不下,心裡想著自己都幾百歲了,還要虐待自己,好好待在舒適圈生活多好,還一度想放棄,或許自己真的跟英文無緣.....


最後,想說儘管學習英文要爬到山頂很困難,但是人活著就是要為自己努力,就算還是在山底跌跌撞撞,只要你還能爬起來都不要輕言放棄。 現在的我,雖然進步一點點,但只要你敢跨出去一小步,就是你人生的一大步。然後謝謝黃老師語多贅句,還是希望可以給跟我一樣程度極差,連一個She都發不出來的我,一點幫助。一起來快樂學習英文吧。



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2019年8月31日 星期六

Are you ready for an English course by Huang? Aaron (Taipei)

Let me tell you how boring my English teacher’s life is. My English teacher is a nerd. She never watches TV in her free time. It is weird of her to read English dictionaries when she is in bed at night. Who would do that??? She can read books at home for days without going out. She does not go away very often to see what is going on today. It’s too boring. She often told me some old-school ideas. She always lives in her own world. And that isn’t just my opinion. I bet all my classmates dislike her. She always asks them to study English in all their free time. She asks them not to watch TV. What’s wrong with her? I am so fed up with my life when I study English.

She usually shares how she studied English. She told me she didn’t have the time to watch TV when she was studying English. It is a really good example for someone if they want to become a good English learner. The thing is I think she needs to understand I have a difficult job to do. I often have long meetings and difficult customers to deal with and I usually need to give them good ideas to make them happy. Sometimes I think I need to take a break and relax. Then my only time to study English is in the evening, from 10 until midnight, but my teacher is very strict with me and she often gives me a lot of homework to do. I know she wants to help me to improve my English. I already apply myself to my homework and try and write some paragraphs, but she is still unhappy with it. She drives me crazy.

Finally, I think I have learned a little bit about how to learn English from her even though I know I can’t keep up with all my homework she assigns till now. I always feel under pressure because she really cares about if we study hard enough after the class. I know I need to do more, and I think I really spent a lot time studying English last year. I did lots of homework and practice and I already endured such pain over a year. I didn’t watch much TV or play video games very often. But you know my English teacher is really different from a typical teacher. I bet she is a complete Virgo. She always makes me feel unhappy. Especially if I make some mistakes in an easy question, I can’t get a right answer or find the answer out by myself….when she told me the hints and she would say I did not study enough. Do you know how upset I got? So, you have to be careful if you want to have an English course by her. I think you will understand what I am talking about soon. I bet you will have a tough year in your life!


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EET 英文家教課的學習心得 |Andy (上班族, 新竹)

一對一英文家教課的上課學習心得, EET


作者:Andy, 上班族 (新竹)

記得... 第一堂課時, 黃老師要請我念26個英文字母, 那時我心裡想, 哇賽! 還要從這邊開始? 唸完的結果是, 我還真的念錯很多字母.... 另外 He 和 She 也念不對, 嘴巴往後張不太開, 但那時我還是在心裏想, 有需要這麼龜毛嗎? 但到現在, 我唸英文給我老婆聽, 老婆說 "ㄟ 有比較沒這麼台了耶!" 我就大概懂黃老師的用意了, 老師應該是要讓我自己習慣唸出來的感覺, 用到之前沒用到的嘴巴肌肉, 因為唯有自己唸出來, 講出來, 聽出來, 自己才能說自己會了! 

另外, 當你念某一段英文, 遇到講錯時, 這時老師的耳朵很靈敏的! 會馬上打斷你, 然後你以為接下來黃老師要和你公布正確答案嗎? 恭喜你! 答錯了! 你要自己想出來, 尤其這題你還學過的話~ 那這堂課有可能老師等你超過10分鐘, 都在等你自己想出來, 那時我也心裡想: "啊我就不會呀! 就給我講答案拉!" 但是, 很神奇的是, 每當我這麼想後, 自己在心靜下來念這段英文後, 我就講出正確答案了! 黃老師就會補一句: "你看! 你會呀! ", 而且想當然的, 因為是自己想出來的, 所以印象一定超級深刻的! 

最後, 我想說的是, 上黃老師的課之前, 你自己要有以下三個心理準備: 1. 不要以為你目前上的英文以前都有學過, 很簡單, 其實你真的很多還不會, 基礎漏洞百出, 黃老師在做的就是想幫你把這些漏洞慢慢補起來, 目前上到現在, 我感覺老師從聽說讀寫各方面會一起幫你打好基礎 2. 上課過程, 都是你在講英文, 不是老師在講英文給你聽, 因為唯有這樣, 你才是在學屬於自己內化過的英文 3. 課後的複習才是最重要的, 所以EET會要求每位學員填寫每周學習表, 雖然上班族大家都知道每天都很忙, 時間有限, 但只能說師父領進門, 老師教我們學英文的正確方法, 但英文學習的成效是要靠自己的努力! PS: 向老師自首, 我自己最近唸書唸很少....Orz 講這話沒甚麼說服力....我會好好加強時間管理, 複習英文 XD 

另外再補充, 黃老師常常說我們花時間努力念書, 念好英文, 他其實是想要我們當學生的趕快奠定好基礎和學好英文的方法, 因為老師常說, 我總不能一輩子要靠老師才能學好英文吧! (PS: 也是, 因為這樣錢應該不夠噴XD), 最後還是要靠自己! 

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EET 英文家教課的學習心得 |Sophie (上班族, 台中)

一對一英文家教課的上課學習心得, EET

作者:Sophie, 上班族 (台中市)

A year ago, my English ability was just okay although I got a very high score on the TOEIC exam. The thing is I didn’t think about what I said in English. All I knew was my speaking ability was poor. That’s the reason why I considered having an English tutor to improve my English speaking. I then found a teacher from the Internet, who was very strict. At the first, I did not know anything about her, in the first trial lesson, I felt I was tortured. But I did learn something from her. Then I decided to accept the challenge bravely by continuing the course. I have learned English with her for a year. Over the year, I have always told my husband that I am going to a killing field before the class time. Over all, during this period, I learned that it’s important to speak English in correct grammar as it would affect the meaning. Speaking in the right way, then we can express ourselves precisely. It is also an important first impression to others. Now when I speak and write in English, I would notice and pay attention on the form of nouns and the tense I use. Although I can’t speak like native speakers right now, the most important thing is I am able to reflect what I said. In short, because of my work, I have little time to review, but I can feel my English is different now. I am going to study harder than last year and hand in more of my homework. I promise!

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2019年1月31日 星期四

EET 英文家教課的學習心得 |Vicky 全職媽媽 (上午有兼職, 新北市)


作者:Vicky, 全職媽媽 (上午有兼職, 新北市)

英文一開始是在學校上課學的,主要就是背單字背文法,但我忘性很大,考完試就忘了,也不敢講英文,到後來聽到英文耳朵自己會關起來,腦袋瞬間當機,看文章或網路資料,有英文字會自動閃過,英文對我來說是外星文XD 在女兒上小學開始上英文,初期她很排斥英文,為了讓她有動力繼續學,我有了想學英文的念頭,至少她問我單字怎麼唸時我可以教她唸,也期許有朝一日能帶她們到歐洲及美國自助遊,但我當時的程度很爛,大概只認識26字母吧!

在 EET 上課後我學習最大的瓶頸是聽力跟忘性很大,單字的意思常忘(應該是我練習少的關係),聽到英文還是要聽到第3次才能聽進去英文,前二次聽到腦袋都是當機狀況XD   在EET 上了一陣子英文課後,眼睛有看到英文字了! 慢慢走在路上或看文章上的英文會試著去看去唸,也會逼著自己聽到英文不要把耳朵關上

我是跟黃老師上課,最大不同是很燒腦! 遇到問題老師不會給答案,只會給暗示,要自己去想出來,也不能查英漢字典,但老師會帶著你查英英字典,單字的意思不能寫中文只能畫圖(好為難畫圖白痴的我),若被老師知道查中文或寫中文,會死的很難看(被唸到臭頭),慢慢的不認識的字會先查英英字典,查完還是不了解就查Google的圖片來輔助,用圖片看加深印象做連結




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2019年1月22日 星期二

EET 英文家教課的學習心得 |Becky ( 業務 新北市)


作者:Becky (業務 新北市)


2017年公司在印尼辦展覽,客人上門詢問產品時,我都只能請求主管或英文好的同事幫忙,因為我一句英文也說不出來,也聽不太懂客人在問什麼,當下真想挖洞把自己埋起來……。展覽結束後受到很大的挫折的我,下定決心要找家教來提升英文能力。以前我都只有在學校學英文,學校教的方式不外乎就是"背"公式、字根字首跟單字,背完公式跟單字後,我不會用、不會寫、不會說。 我在網路上看到幾個有名的家教平台,也看了學員分享心得及評價,但幾乎是負評較多,第六感告訴我若成為其中一家的學生,之後應該會後悔。

偶然遇見 EET 睿騏英語的 "恐怖老師" 

然而某天無意間看到EET網站,進去之後點了師資介紹,看到黃老師的教學理念後,當下就決定先試上課,試上之前看到學員評價,有幾位學員提到“沒做好心理準備的人不要上黃老師的課”,我當下的反應是黃老師是不是真有這麼恐怖!? 第一堂試上的過程中,我有感覺到那些上過課的學員不是在騙人,黃老師真的跟其他老師不一樣,很難得會有老師一開始上課就要求學生念課文還要造句。試上完後決定開啟向黃老師學習英文之路。 


跟 EET黃老師學習的過程中遇到困難的部分是說跟寫,這兩項很容易用中式英文表達出來,加上老師不會給答案,必須靠自己想和查英英字典得出答案,雖然剛開始真的很痛苦,但隨著黃老師的腳步後,也漸漸習慣她的方式,也覺得有效,黃老師總說自己想才屬於自己的,老師給你答案的話還是老師的,你還是不會。現在EET有成立英文討論群組,在學習上遇到問題可以與群組的同學討論,有很多戰友可以互相扶持,真心覺得這個群組很棒,因為我不再是孤軍奮戰。


有些人會覺得老師上課的進度很慢,我覺得雖然慢但扎實,若老師的教學進度再快,嫌進度慢的人有學得好又扎實嗎? 學英文不能急,必須要有耐心及恆心,只要不放棄一定會改變,就算改變幅度不大,我還是樂在其中,因為我又往上一步了。

My friends and I attended the Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon (渣打台北公益馬拉松). This was my first time to run 10K. I didn’t stop until I crossed the finish line. I told myself “Yeah! I did it.”. It was an unforgettable memory for me.

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